Being a free roam game, there’s a pre-existing map in Gmod. Most people ask us for help through our site regarding how to open and edit Gmod map because the majority of the new players often simply fail to do so, therefore one of the most senior players of Gmod has willingly exposed some useful tips that are hereby shared with you through this very special post. Let’s get started then!

Well, in simple words, you would like to know how to make changes to Gmod map the same as you can do with so-called texture editing, spawn points etc. In the first place, it’s not a complex issue. Every person can do it without getting on their nerves.

We know what brings you here on this exclusive site and we also know you’ve probably searched a lot about it on Google search but without a success. Don’t worry you’ve now come to the right place. We think a step by step guide would be more appropriate than a long boring description.

In the first place, you are not able to change the Gmod map altogether, bear in mind! Nonetheless, if so desired, you first must need to compile the map by using such as “bspsrc”. In this way, you’ll be free to make the desired change in the map provided you are well expert in the use Hammer. So, if you are not adept in “Hammer” usage, you first need to work on that before you can edit the map.

There are some risks during the course of compilation because you may be losing some custom features such as models, non-standard textures, and sounds, remember; you will not be able to get them back once you’ve decompiled. However, you have the option to extract manually with the help of .bsp by making use of a separate program such as “GCFScape”. The use of custom content without their consent isn’t fair but you can do so as a last resort.

Once you’ve finished editing the map, you need to compile the Gmod map to .bsp again. Bear in mind, for example, in the case of using custom content extracted by you earlier, it is crucial to add it to the new bsp file. Well, you can use “VIDE” now.

The answer was essential because it was a repeated question from lots of our visitors but as you can see that it is something like creating a new map with a shitload of work despite the fact that you are likely to make possible mistakes as well.