How to download Garry’s Mod (Tutorial)

Step 1:

Click On Download Button Given bottom of the

How to Download Garry's Mod

Step 2:

There’s 2 options to Download the Game to your Disk

1: Download With Megasync
2: Download through your Browser

Download link of garry's mod

Click Either on 1 or 2 option to begin the downloading.

Step 3:

Once the file is downloaded to your disk, Open the folder (Where the file is located/Downloaded). Right click on the file and extract to the folder.

Steps to Download gmod Free

Step 4:

When you extract the file to the folder, There will be few files like in this Screenshot. Simple Double Click on Setup.

Setup for garry's Mod

Setup is Begin installation:

Installing Garry's' Mod

Setup continues….

Install Garry's Mod

Let it be updated, It will take Almost 20-40 Minutes for updation.

Update of Garry's Mod

Once the installation is completed, You will be able to Play garry’s mod online and with multiplayer for free!

Playing Garry's Mod Gmod Free working

Note: Please Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 in order to play the game successfully.

You can always contact us from our contact form for anything regarding Gmod.